In order to become a more perfect union, the United States must constantly strive to be an inclusive democracy that treats all people fairly and fully embraces the unique contributions of its diverse residents.

Yet, there are some who-because of beliefs rooted in fear, ignorance, prejudice, and hate-would effectively shut the door on economic opportunity, legal protection, and democratic freedoms for those whom they consider different.

We must restrain these regressive forces if America is to reach its fullest potential.

Towards this goal, we the people of the United States of America of every race, color, creed, class, ability, gender identity, and sexual orientation, commit ourselves to advancing an Inclusion Revolution® that centers the value of diversity and inclusion in our democracy and reinforces it through the economic, political, policy, cultural, and social systems that shape our nation.

In order to achieve this vision, our country’s leaders must also commit-in word and deed-to promoting enlightened understanding that our nation’s diversity is our promise, not our problem, and the basis of our democracy’s strength and prosperity.

Accordingly, we call on candidates for public office to pledge support for this Declaration of Inclusion, which demonstrates their commitment to advancing a fair and inclusive society through policies, programs, and practices that:

  • Affirm our democratic principles by encouraging voter participation and rejecting voter suppression and disenfranchisement.
  • Promote diverse and inclusive schools, organizations, communities, towns, and cities.
  • Champion job, business, and ownership opportunities that close income and wealth disparities.
  • Strengthen access to quality public education and affordable post-secondary training options.
  • Support a culture of health by advancing equitable, health-promoting options for all people and communities.
  • Stand for equal justice under the law through police, prison, and legal reforms that guard civil liberties and protect human rights.
  • Foster cross-cultural understanding through education and collaboration and by avoiding divisiveness.

Americans of all backgrounds deserve to live in a country where they are secure in their constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They also deserve to have leaders who truly believe that these fundamental rights are universal.

A candidate worthy of holding public office in the United States of America should also be willing to demonstrate his or her commitment to fairly representing all people by endorsing this declaration.



Maya Rockeymoore

President & CEO
Center for Global Policy Solutions

James Firman

National Council on Aging

Andrew Kassoy

B Lab

Terry I. Lierman

Partner and Founder
Summit Global Ventures

Robert "Bob" Wise

Former Governor
West Virginia

Hugh B. Price

Former President
National Urban League

Carroll L. Estes

Founding Director
Institute for Health and Aging
University of California San Francisco

Rashad Robinson

Executive Director

Thomas Shapiro

Director, Institute on Assets and Social Policy
Pokross Professor of Law and Social Policy
The Heller School for Social Policy Brandeis University

The Honorable Elijah Cummings

Member of Congress

Gary Orfield

Distinguished Research Professor

John H. Jackson

President & CEO
Schott Foundation for Public Education

William J. Bynum

Hope Enterprise Corporation

Spencer Overton

Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies

Avis Jones DeWeever

Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women

Deepak Bhargava

Executive Director
Center for Community Change

Kevin Powell

Author & Activist
Author of the Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy's Journey Into Manhood

Bakari Kitwana

Executive Director
Rap Sessions

Robert "Bob" Borosage

Founder & President
Institute for America's Future

Rev. Lennox Yearwood

Hip Hop Caucus

Joshua DuBois

Founder and CEO
Values Partnerships

Mellody Hobson

Ariel Investments LLC

Jay Coen Gilbert

B Lab

Wes Moore

Founder and CEO

Lawrence Mishel

Economic Policy Institute

Robert Raben

The Raben Group

Manuel Pastor

USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration
Professor, Sociology and American Studies & Ethnicity
University of Southern California

john a. powell

Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Heather McGhee


Julianne Malveaux

President and CEO
Economic Education

Melinda Emerson

Quintessence Group

David Hall

University of the Virgin Islands

Barbara Penzer

Temple Hillel B'nai Torah

Heather Booth


The Honorable Barbara Lee

Member of Congress

B. Smith & Dan Gasby

B. Smith Enterprises

James Lewis

Former Issue Advocacy Director
Young Democrats of America

Aldrica Lattimore

National Association of Minority Companies, Inc.

Michael Anderson

DyNAMC Leaders for a Changing World magazine

Shannon LaNier

Author & TV Show Host

Tim Silard

Rosenberg Foundation

Wilma (Amina) Scott

Law Enforcement

Lori Villarosa

Executive Director
Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity

Richard E. Fredericks

Maritime Solutions, Inc.

Chris Messinger

Executive Director
Boston Mobilization

Jack Markell

State of Delaware

Russell Simmons

RUSH Communications

Michael Skolnik

Global Grind

Joe Jones

President & CEO
Center for Urban Families

Kweisi Mfume

Board Chair
Morgan State University
Former Member of Congress

Katherine S. Villers

President and Founder
Community Catalyst

A. Shuanise Washington

President and CEO
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc.

Stosh Cotler

Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice

Sam Chaltain

Wonder by Design

Alexis McGill Johnson

Executive Director
Perception Institute

James H. Carr

Coleman A. Young Endowed Chair and Professor
Wayne State University

Glenn Harris

Center for Social Inclusion

Angela Glover Blackwell

President and CEO
Policy Link

Mariko Chang

Author, Why Women Have Less Wealth and What Can Be Done About It
President, Mariko Chang Consulting, Inc.

Darrick Hamilton

Associate Professor of Economics and Policy
The New School

Katherine Giscombe

Vice President

William Darity, Jr.

Samuel DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy
Duke University

Gena McClendon

Project Director
Center for Social Development
Washington university In St. Louis

Makani Themba

Principal Strategist
Higher Ground Change Strategies

Orson Aguilar

The Greenlining Institute

Yunja Nam

Associate Professor
State University of New York at Buffalo

Allyn Maxfield-Steele

Educator & Pastor
Scarritt Bennett Center & Central Christian Church

Meizhu Lui

Board Member
Highlander Center

Patrick McCarthy

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Roberto Barragan

President & CEO

Nancy Altman

Social Security Works

Terry O'Neill

National Organization for Women

Rene Bryce-Laporte

Bryce-Laporte Information and Consulting

Karen Landry

Executive Director
War on Poverty-Florida

Andrea Miller

Executive Director
People Demanding Action

Stephen Shaff

Community-Vision Partners

Lisa Hasegawa

Executive Director
National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development

Gabriela Sandoval

Director of Research
Insight Center for Community Economic Development

Jimmy LaSalvia

Author of No Hope

Sean McCann

Former State Representative
State of Michigan

Kevin Sharpley

Kijik Multimedia

Pam McMichael

Executive Director
Highlander Research and Education Center

Elsie Scott

Ronald Walters Leadership and Public Policy Center

Aracely Panameno

Latino Affairs Director
Center for Responsible Lending

Theresa Loar

Kansas City, MO

Kay Barnes

Former Mayor
Kansas City, MO

Chip Johnson

City of Hernando, Mississippi

Daniel Hernandez

Sunnyside Unified School District

Priscilla Clarke

President & CEO
Clarke & Associates, LLC

E. Mitchell Swann

MDC Systems

Lillie A Estes

Community Strategist
ALO Community Strategy

Autumn Talley

New York University

Dr. Darling Richiez

Health Education Advocacy Leadership, Inc.

Johnny Barnes

Publisher and Editor
Living with the Law

Madhulika Vulimiri

MPP Candidate
Duke University

Paul Jarmul

Agile Consultant

Joe West

Media Producer

Yunju Nam

Associate Professor
University at Buffalo

Patricia A. Burns


Jonathan Paul Fox

Lancaster City (PA) Human Relations Commission

Terri Friedline

Assistant Professor
University of Kansas School of Social Welfare

Melissa Obmann, DO, FACS

Associate, Department of Endovascular and Vascular Surgery
Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center

Michelle Thomas

President & CEO
Managing Your Solutions

Sherry A. Jones

Civil servant
Senior accountant

Elsie M Stines

Chair, President's Diversity Advisory Council
University of Maryland, Baltimore

Sharon Green Middleton

Councilwoman — District 6
Baltimore City Council

Sharmon Thornton

Legislative Liaison
Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program & Director Congressional Internships

Ed RosenBerg

Everyone Is Included

Stacey Withers

Power Surge

Lynn Peterson

School teacher
South Korea

Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith

Crazy Faith Ministries

Danielle Sherman

Project Manager
Active Living by Design

Dawn Pilkington

Social Programs

Marice Ashe

ChangeLab Solutions

Stephen Wawryk

Marketing Coordinator

Alvaro Lima

Director of Research
Boston Redevelopment Authority

Aileen Lee

Founder and Managing Partner
Cowboy Ventures

Yael Lehmann

Executive Director
The Food Trust

Danielle McClelland

Board Member
City of Dallas BEST

Simona Combi

Media Relations Manager
Center for Global Policy Solutions

Harold Goldstein

Executive Director
Public Health Advocates

Tina Sharkey

Sherpa Foundry + Sherpa Capital

Nike Irvin

Vice President
California Community Foundation

Stephen DeBerry

Managing partner
Bronze Investments

Ashley Brown

Program Manager
Center for Global Policy Solutions

James Parks

Founder and CEO
The Parksonian Institute

Gail Carlson

Community Improvement Consultants

Erica Mooney

Community Pollinator

Elizabeth River

Real Estate Agent

Darling Paul-Richiez

President & CEO
Health Education Advocacy Leadership, Inc.

Elise Goldstein

Policy and Program Consultant

Rene Bryce-Laporte

Bryce-Laporte Information & Consulting

Lore Chambers

Chambers Business Service

Amelie Ramirez

Devin Fergus

Ohio State University

La Ruth Gray

Scholar In Residence
New York University

Miranda Westfall

Doctoral student in public health

Carrie Beach

Urban Planner

Muhiuddin Haider

Clinical Professor
School of Public Health University of Maryland

Meghan Wishneski

Capitol Region Education Council

James Encinas

Global Healer

Charlotte Tomic

Tomic Communications

Reginald (Reggie) Nunnally

Executive Director
Black Economic Council of Massachusetts

John Burk

Physics Teacher
St. Andrew's School

Katie Haas

Healthy Communities Supervisor
Eagle County Public Health

Annalise VanVranken


Ilana Mittman

Assistant Professor
University of Maryland, Baltimore

Brent Thompson

Concerned American
New Jersey

Lisa Senyk

Trina Shanks

Associate Professor
University of Michigan

Robert Strupp

Executive Director
Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc.

Kem Hall


Donta Henson

Helen Holton

Executive Director
National Organization of Black County Officials, Inc.

Frederick D. Smith

The Achievement Institute

Megan Patton-Lopez

Public Health Researcher and Professor

James Page

Chief Diversity Officer
Johns Hopkins University

Michelle Hairston

Pamela Larson

DC Labor Chorus

Tracey Austin

Ashford Advisors

Ann Davis

Teaching Artist

Gary Flowers

The Gary Flowers Show

Jamie Jamieson

Managing Partner
The Village Builders

Algernon Austin

Social Scientist
Author, "America Is Not Post-Racial: Xenophobia, Islamophobia, Racism, and the 44th President"

Paul Cheh

Program Associate
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Melissa Nahm, MPH

Concerned citizen

Elena Needle

WKKF Anchor Collaboration Coordinator
Race Forward

Karla McLucas

McLucas & Associates

Judithe Registre

Founder/Chief Narrative Officer

Theresa M. Collins, PhD


Patricia Baginski


Heather MacDonald

Operations Manager
Interior Design

Sabrina Roberson

Sr. Business Intelligence Project Manager
Information Technology Professional

Romell Cummings

Community Servant

Steven Ridini

President & CEO
Health Resources in Action

Jindra Cekan

Cekan Consulting LLC

Celeste Davis

Executive Director
Justice is Love

Aimee Chitayat

AC Strategic Solutions

Meizhu Lui

Board Vice-Chair
Highlander Center

Michael Miera

Community Development Representative
Community Development

Dora Medrano

Executive Producer
Carbo Films

Karen Landry

Executive Director
War on Poverty - Florida

Victoria Lindsay

Civil Servant

Lee Taylor-Penn

University of Michigan

Terence Fitzgerald

Clinical Associate Profesor
University of Southern California

Carla Smith

Regional Director

Karen Dates Dunmore


Kaylan Agnew

Global Health Sciences

Leslie Lewis

Continuing Lecturer & Director of Urban Health and Equity Initiatives
UC San Diego, Urban Studies and Planning Program

Olivia Marcus

Doctoral student/anthropology instructor
University of Connecticut

Kenneth Thompson, MD


Amy Dailey

Associate Professor
Gettysburg College

Beatriz Sosa-Prado

Lori Dorfman

Berkeley Media Studies Group

Laura Plattner

Program Manager, Global Cancer Treatment
American Cancer Society

Rachel Dahlke

Executive Director
Westwood Unidos

DBora Schrett

Doctoral Candidate, Global Health

Crystal Faris

Director of Youth & Family Engagement
Kansas City Public Library

Virginia Rawlins

Legislative Analyst
New York State Assembly

Carmen Berkley

Civil,Human and Women's Rights Director

Jessica Goodkind

Director, Refugee Well-being Project
Associate Professor of Sociology

Wayne Young

Port of Harlem magazine

Jean Forster

Professor Emerita
School of Public Health, University of Minnesota

China Dickerson

Political Strategist
Dickerson Strategies

Jacob Rich

Russian River Area Resources and Advocates

Brittani Haywood

Senior Digital Strategist/Organizer

Benjamin Mittman

Hamilton College

George Flores

Recipient, 2016 Helen Rodriguez-Trias Award for Social Justice
from the American Public Health Association

Alfredo Villasenor

Ed Stephens

Co-founder and COO
Precise Portions

Marie Johantgen


Katherine Villers

Founder and President
Community Catalyst

Arden Klemmer

Director of Operations
Fortuny, Inc.

Christopher Rose

Brown University

Jamelle Watson-Daniels


Marcia Manter

Community Development Specialist

Michael Bader

Assistant Professor
American University

Linda McKeithan

Jennifer Donsky


Catherine Hope

Kim Herzog

George Garrow

Former Chief Executive
Concerned Black Men National
Trial Attorney, Garrow Law Firm PLLC

Dannielle Magno

Gene Takagi

Managing Attorney
NEO Law Group

Carolyn Carter

The Human Element

Abigail Golden-Vazquez

Executive Director, Latinos and Society Program
The Aspen Institute

Melissa Trecoske Houghton

Community Organizer

Kate Meis

Executive Director
Local Government Commission

Hannah Hardy

Program Manager, Public Health
Allegheny County

Louise Cole

City of Okolona

Dave Baldridge

Executive Director
International Association for Indigenous Aging

Joe Miller

WashingTech Policy Podcast

Joseph Whitaker


Eva Stokes Wood

Office Manager/HR

Marlena Perrin

Private citizen

Ashley Kraybill

Population Health Service Fellow
Public Health

Kimberlee Crenshaw

Executive Director
African American Policy Forum

Pascale Edouard

The HUE-MAN Experience

Suzanne Babb

Community Partnerships Manager

Michael Thornton

Professor of Afro-American Studies, Sociology and Asian American Studies
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Matthew Patterson

Gerald Lenoir

Project Consultant
Haas Institute for a Fair & Inclusive Society, UC Berkeley

Janet Griffin-Graves

Howard University Center on Race and Wealth
Program Director

Raquel Bournhonesque

Health Justice Advocate

Tamara Henry

Visiting Assistant Professor
George Washington University

Irum Musharraf

Director of Impact

Janet Norcom

Legal Counsel

Holly Reilly


Raymond Neirinckx

Community Economic Development Practitioner

Emily Blank

College Professor

Susan Jones

Professor of Clinical Law/ Director Small Business and Community Economic Development Clinic
George Washington University Law School

Steve Cohen

Senior Lecturer in Education
Tufts University

Lynn Fitzpatrick

Tactical Vanguard
African Diaspora Maritime, the first integrated America's Cup team featuring black sailors

Michelle Culver

Senior Vice President
National Education Nonprofit

Melany De La Cruz-Viesca

Assistant Director
UCLA Asian American Studies Center

Michael Kaplan


Alice Ammerman

UNC-Chapel Hill

Carolyn Murray

Leslie Mikkelsen

Managing Director
Prevention Institute

Ruben Trigo


Charles Betsey

Professor Emeritus
Howard University

Jeanne (Jean) Lauber

Librarian and massage therapist

Brian Smedley

Executive Director
National Collaborative for Health Equity

Juliet Sims

Associate Program Director
Prevention Institute

Christopher Spahr

University of Wisconsin

Nancy Pontes

Family nurse practitioner
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Rutgers University

Larry Wallack

Professor of Public Health
Portland State/Oregon Health & Science University

Kevin Walker

Communications Assistant
Center for Global Policy Solutions

Johanna Schuch

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Dana O'Donovan

Raquel Castaneda-Lopez

Detroit City Council

John Califra

Musician, composer

James Ridgley


Cheryl Merrill

Board of Trustees member
Buena Vista Charter Township

Patricia Shelly

Director, Community Engagement and Expansion
School of Social Work, University at Buffalo

Tammy Skinner

7 Floors to Balance

Brooks Meredith


Michele Weldon

Senior Leader
The OpEd Project

Sharon Zimmerman

Community Development, Banking

Wendy Ake

Director, Just Public Finance
Haas Institute for a Fair & Inclusive Society

Janet Boguslaw

Senior Scientist
Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University

Amanda Feinstein

Project Director
Brilliant Baby

Heather McCulloch

Asset Building Strategies

Pam David

Executive Director
Walter & Elise Haas Fund

Rachelle Galloway-Popotas

Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley

Katie Orenstein

Founder and CEO
The OpEd Project

Sally S. Cherry, MT (ASCP)

STI Laboratory/Social Media Consultant
Cherry Consulting Network (CHARE/CHeTARE Project)

Atiba Madyun

President and Founder
Party Politics US

Patricia Williams

Retired RN